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Discover the Colors of Gujarat, Tales of Rajasthan, and Breathtaking Views of Uttarakhand.


Jungle Safari India is a Wildlife Tour Company that offers tour packages for every National Park in India. This company was launched in 2015 by Abhishek Sinha and since that time it’s been a remarkable player in the tourism sector. You can book safaris for various wildlife sanctuaries of India along with hotels. From thrilling jungle safari rides and memorable elephant rides to comfortable cab services and nice resort accommodations, Jungle Safari India has got it all.

People can book their tours and safaris from our online platforms so that they don’t have to stand in long queues. For customer satisfaction, we provide customer support services to help with inquiries, itinerary planning, and any other travel-related needs. Jungle Safari India offers different types of tour packages such as weekend packages, family-friendly trips, and safari fun adventures. When booking a package you can select your accommodation according to your allowance and need, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and thus we provide the best tour packages so that you can explore every corner of India without worrying about budget, comfort, or anything else.

Our company stands out for its dedication to customer satisfaction and ethical tourism practices. Jungle Safari India employs knowledgeable and experienced guides for safari rides who know a lot about the flora and fauna of the park, so you don’t have to worry about safety. These guides add excitement to the safari experience by providing knowledge about the park's biodiversity.

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Places to Explore

Jim Corbett

Enjoy the raw beauty of nature in Jim Corbett National Park. Here you can find many wild animals roaming freely inside the deep jungle. Hop on thrilling safari adventures.

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Discover the spiritual vibes of Rishikesh, where the Ganga flows in the backdrop of the Himalayas. You can do yoga, and meditation and enjoy many adventure sports.

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Visit Ranthambore for exciting jungle safaris, which will give you a chance to spot elusive tigers along with other animals in their natural habitat. Explore the old forts and scenic landscapes.

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Gir National Park

Think about the thrill of spotting Asiatic Lions in their own homes. Go on different safaris to explore the vast area filled with wild animals along with many bird species.

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Imagine that you’ll have a great time in the “City of Lakes”, with its stunning palaces, vibrant bazaars, and romantic boat rides. Discover the rich history and charm of this royal destination.

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Explore this sacred city that is home to the famous Somnath Temple. Enjoy the breathtaking sunsets near the Arabian Sea and soak into the spiritual aura of this famous pilgrimage site.

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This beautiful town is between the Himalayan Mountains, and various lakes surround it. Spend time by doing boating, trekking, and seeing the breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks.

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Spend a great time in the golden hues and desert charm of Jaisalmer. This scenic place is known as the golden city of India with ancient forts, vibrant markets, and sand dunes.

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A city steeped in mythology and spirituality, known for the famous temple Dwarkadish. Find peace and calmness in the divine ambiance of this pilgrimage destination.

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