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Beachside Delights of Diu

Diu Island is a coastal area that can be reached from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Baroda. Despite being an island it has good road connectivity. This is a cool place, where you can feel the chill vibes just after reaching the island. The beaches here are virgin, people who want to enjoy some time at a nice beach without many people should visit this place.

  • It’s a clean beach city with Portuguese influence in the architecture. This place has the feel of Goa and even people there call it the Goa of Gujarat.
  • For sightseeing, you can visit Diu Fort, Diu Museum, St. Paul’s Church, Naida Caves, Jalandhar Beach, Chakratirth Beach, Nagao Beach, etc. .

You can sightsee the whole island in a day without even being tired, that’s the magic of Diu. The biggest attraction of this place is that it has no prohibition and hence tourists come here to enjoy their drinks and food.